Eliminate Hip, Knee and Back Pain.
Keep Doing the Sports You Love.

(all from the comfort of your own home, in less than 10 mins per day, without paying for another subscription)


The problem is you’re doing too much!

Too much ____ (insert anything here)

And ZERO stretching!


The result?


PAIN! Pain in your back, your knees, you name it!

INJURIES! Another one!

Feeling like you’re 80 when you’re only 35!

The solution is actually an easy one, I’m sure you know it already.

Your physio already told you that one right? They actually probably suggested yoga. But why choose yoga over your average stretch class?


- Yoga improves your flexibility as well as your strength, balance, posture and focus.

- It’s dynamic which means you’re less likely to sustain an injury while doing it whereas I’ve seen the most limber athlete pull a muscle while doing a stretch when they weren’t warmed up properly.

- Yoga improves your lung capacity which means you’ll have better lung capacity for whatever else you’re doing (running, cycling, weight lifting).

- It can even decrease your stress and anxiety levels.

I know, I know, you’ve tried yoga and didnt like it.

The class you went to was full of chanting, swaying and indecipherable words.

You were worried someone would start speaking in tongues (*but you didnt stay long enough to see*).

That is the exact opposite of what my classes are like.

Hi, I’m Christian,

I once had a tight and stiff body myself, coming from years of rugby, plenty of time in the gym and two ACL knee surgeries.

But that all changed when I gave yoga a try. After a lot of perseverance (and loads of f-bombs) my body started to loosen up it felt amazing.

Now I teach yoga to people just like you. 

I like to think of myself as the yoga converter. I’ll get you to love yoga in just one class!

I teach yoga to people who just want to get the benefits of yoga without all the weird stuff.

Thats’ why I created this awesome series of hip opening yoga videos that you can do to start feeling great in just 7 minutes per day.

A hip-opening yoga video series for busy sporty people who want to increase their flexibility so that they can keep doing the things they love without pain or injury.


"I can highly recommend this new series that Christian Ralston has put together. I train four of five times a day and these sessions helps me get into my main problem areas: tight  hips and hamstrings. Having a little short series that allows me to click in whenever I want allows me keep doing what I love without ignoring the very important mobility aspect of a health body. I highly recommend this series!"

• D A V E

An easy to follow plan to increase flexibility in your hips so that you can continue to do the activities and sports that you love.

A way to reap the benefits of yoga without having to go to classes, pay a fortune on a yoga membership or deal with the more hippy side of yoga that put you off the first time you tried it.

A way to feel (and look) great, from the comfort of your own home, without dealing with the Lululemon wearing yummy mummy gang.

 - A series of 30 short hip-opening videos that are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle (all less than 30 minutes).

 - More than 7.5 hours of hip stretching yoga classes broken down and categorized into 7 - 30 min classes.

 - All classes are ‘light on the shoulders’ meaning you can do them even if you have a shoulder injury.

 - Beautifully filmed classes in outdoor locations so you can feel like you’re doing your morning stretch on the beach.


Elevated Surface Sessions

If you’re just starting out, have very limited mobility or recently had knee or hip surgery that prevents you from getting down on the ground, these elevated surface sessions will help you.

(VALUE $197)


Wall Sessions

By using an immovable force (the wall) to push against you will be able to stretch in a different way. These are great if you’ve recently had a shoulder or wrist injury as there is no weight on your shoulders.

(VALUE $97)


Yin Yoga PDF’s

Relax tight muscles using these 3 x Yin Yoga PDF’s. Yin Yoga works by holding each position for around 5 minutes which helps muscles that have been locked tight for years to start to release.

(VALUE $47)


“I have always had lower back pain and more recently a sore left hip, down my leg to my knee, which saw me flat on my back on the floor for a day taking pain killers… My sister urged me to try the “Greatest Hips” series.

The short 10 minute work outs had an immediate effect on me, no pain! My hips have more movement, they are not as stiff, I don’t get as much pain in the left hip/leg/knee, and I have gained more strength in my left leg”

• C A R O L I N E

 - You’re an active person who loves to do sport but you struggle with movements like squatting, crouching and bending over because you’re just not flexible enough.

 - You spend most of your day sitting at a desk and you’re starting to get back pain, trouble standing up or pain when you walk.

 - You’re an athlete, gym junky or runner and you want to prevent injuries.

 - You’ve been told by a Chiro, Physio or Osteo that you need to stretch.

 - You currently practice yoga but you’re finding that lack of flexibility in your hips is holding you back from getting deeper into certain poses.

"Excellent sessions designed for maximum impact. You get what it says. Lots of options for opening tight hips. Ten minutes or one hour it doesn't matter, your hips and hamstrings will be grateful for anytime spent here. I often do mine while travelling, often in airports before flying or before a workout, run or cycle. Give it a go, you'll be impressed. It just makes it easy"

• D E N N I S

I’m so sure that you’ll feel stronger, more flexible and just generally more awesome after using these videos that I’m giving you 14 days to try it out and if you don’t see an improvement you can have your money back!

Can I access the videos on my phone so I can do the classes as my warmup at the gym?

Yes absolutely, the videos are easily accessible on mobile phones.


Can I start using these immediately?

Yes! That’s the great thing about this video series, you’ll get access immediately so you could be on your way to a more flexible you in as little as 15 mins (the time it takes to get your login details).


I tried yoga before and didn’t like it.

Not really a question but no worries šŸ¤£ Yeah that’s exactly why I created this series. I know there a lot of sporty people out there that can really gain a lot of benefit from doing yoga but they hate all the hippy yoga stuff that goes on in classrooms. I specifically teach a hippy-free version of yoga so that you can get all the benefit without all the weird stuff!


I have a shoulder injury, can I still do these?

Yes, I created these videos with active people in mind. I used to play rugby so I know how often you get injured playing sports. These are specifically targeted towards creating more flexibility in the hip area so there are no planks, side planks or handstands.


What kind of time commitment do I need to make to this to start seeing an improvement in my flexibility?

You can start seeing improvement in as little as 7 minutes per day.

"Just wanted to say I started your Greatest Hips videos and they are actually saving me in lockdown.
I was getting such bad tightness and constant pain in my hips sitting all day at home in front of the computer. It was really starting to impact my health - I was even having trouble walking! But the exercises are turning it around and I can actually go on small jogs now without pain. I can’t say enough how being able to exercise again is really helping my mental health in this lockdown.
So just wanted to say a huge thank you šŸ™šŸ¼"

• A L A N A

"Christian, the greatest hips just keep on giving. An excellent resource for the tight hip compromised cyclist, so thanks. I'm working through them and working towards a daily dose - what a revelation." 

• M A T T

"Christian Ralston is a teacher of rare gifts: humble, respectful, intelligent, and very funny, even when he’s inflicting a terrifyingly long hold on a challenging pose. I laugh (and want to cry) in every single class and walk away feeling great about myself and my body."

• C L A I R E

"If you are someone with tight hips then the Greatest Hips is for you! This is a fantastic series of classes to help anyone get more mobility and strength out of their hips, no matter your starting point. Christian's straightforward, encouraging delivery makes these sessions accessible to anyone, even if you have never tried yoga before."

• B E T K A

Your body works on a very efficient "use it or lose it system". The truth is, if you keep doing things the way you’re currently doing them, too much sitting, too much running, not enough stretching, not enough variation….

And five years from now you’ll look back and think I should have done something about it sooner.

Or you can start doing something about it today!