"Yoga and Meditation have changed my life. I have a deep passion to help pass on all that I have learned while on the path."

Christian was drawn to physical endeavors from a very young age. Known by parents and relatives as a handful of a kid, he was quiet and introverted but had boundless amounts of energy. Being forced to it still at school was particularly challenging and, when determined efforts failed to translate into good marks, he naturally gravitated towards his strengths which were anything that required running, jumping, throwing, hitting, catching, kicking, and lifting. Over time Rugby League started to become the sport of focus and Christian played in many successful teams. It would not be uncommon to play two or three games a week which resulted in a strong but battle-hardened body. 

As school was coming to an end a pivotal event took place. An invitation to go to a party. It was New Years' Eve 1993 and the party turned out to be a 5000 person rave. It was here that a deep passion for electronic music was born and led him to explore the underground warehouse parties of the early 90s. Inspired and respectful of the DJs of the time, whose music made people so incredibly happy, he used every spare cent hunting records, and every spare second learning to mix. A dream job at Sydney's iconic Central Station Records followed his musical depth and appreciation expanding to find him as comfortable playing a Sunday afternoon chill session as a banging 2am dance floor.

Christian's first yoga experience was strikingly underwhelming, involving a baggy-panted teacher asking him to do strangely impossible things to his gym and rugby-tightened body. The next time was better. It was Bikram and he was hooked. The heat really helped his body to begin the process of undoing some of the tightness that had accumulated from years of sport and gym work. He became more mobile and regained motion in a twice-reconstructed knee. Strength started to become balanced with flexibility, and there was the added aspect of exposure to a mind-body connection he had never known before. He discovered parts of himself that had been hidden and learned that it's possible to feel softness, empathy, and compassion while maintaining a confident masculine presence.

Completing yoga teacher training in 2012, Christian headed straight upfront of class. Coming from a Sport/Gym dominated background and starting yoga at the absolute basement level Christian has a unique insight into how to help students free up a tight body and through his own experience truly believes others can do the same.

He believes firmly in living a life of constant and never-ending improvement so has sought out some of the most respected leaders in the tradition to study with including Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Ana Forrest, Les Levanthal, Noah Maze, Simon Park, Chanel Luck, Sarah Powers and also leaders in other related fields such as Tony Robbins and Ido Portal to help further his own practice and also picking up valuable teachings to pass on to his students. 

Christian now combines his love for yoga with his passion for music, creating thoughtful and challenging classes accompanied by mixes featuring the cream of electronic music, new and old redefining the term "Yoga Music" You can find him teaching at BodyMindLife and Flow Athletic and spinning tracks at Wanderlust Australia & New Zealand, Lost Paradise festival and Sydney's best venues.