What is Hybrid Yoga Workouts?

Bite-size sessions weaving upper body strengthening exercises with traditional standing yoga poses into a fiery flow. These sessions will help you build bodyweight strength and improve hip flexibility with the added bonus of being able to practice when are where you want. 

What's Inside?

  • Ten, twenty-minute classes.
  • Almost three hours of expertly instructed sessions.
  • Short classes that build arm and core strength.
  • Sessions have the added benefit of opening hips. 
  • Filmed in beautiful outdoor locations in Sydney. 
  • Sessions are challenging but doable. 
  • This is not a subscription. You only pay once. 
  • Lifetime access including further additions to the series. 

Get Strong, Get Mobile

Get Confident and

Live To Your Full Potential

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Who can benefit from this series? 

  • Any yoga student who has said, "I'm not strong enough."
  • A yoga student who has doubts about their current strength levels.
  •  A yoga student who wants to build confidence in their strength to progress to arm balances.
  • Gym patrons who would like to combine bodyweight training with stretching. 
  • Yoga students who would like to speed up their progress. 
  • A person who likes to do yoga or workout when and where they want. Choose your own location and timing. 

Why Work On Your Strength?

It's All About Balance

Almost any physical endeavour the human body is capable of requires a balance between strength and mobility. Without this balance, even the most basic movements can become difficult.

True physical capability means your body is as mobile as it is strong and as strong as it is mobile. 

There are two extremes on this scale :

  • a person who is super strong but tight and stiff and has major trouble moving
  • a person who is uber mobile and flexible but has zero strength to do anything other than a stretch. 

It's rare for a person to be right in the middle. A good example of a person in balance would be a gymnast. Uber mobile and flexible and also extremely strong.

Most people need to work on at least one aspect, either mobility or strength.  Sometimes you need to work on both. Attending yoga classes is a great way to work out which one you need to work on as it offers challenges in both mobility and strength. If you find yourself saying

"I'm not strong enough"

this series is here to help you. 

Filmed In Beautiful Outdoor Locations

Enjoy your session with natural, open-air, live backdrops. 

Hybrid Yoga Workouts


- Over 3 hours of workouts

- 10 sessions, 20 minutes each Value $350


Bonus 1 - 100 Push Up Challenge Value $75


Bonus 2 - 150 Crunch Challenge Value $75


Bonus 3 - Core specific workout $75


 Value at $475


Price $149

Buy Now $149